Organically Grown Inner Leaf Aloe Juice 2L

Your super juice solution for extra energy, a strengthened immune system & overall good health.


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Pro-Ma Optimum Health Aloe Juice Micro Pulp is 99% pure organically grown Aloe Barbadensis Inner Leaf Juice, providing a healthy fresh beverage for the health conscious person.

Aloe vera is highly nutritious and is known to possess health-sustaining properties, promoting vitality and supporting the immune system. Aloe Vera contains minerals, vitamins, protein lipids and amino acids.

Being a natural product, Aloe Vera Juice may be beneficial for those whose diets may be lacking.

Aloe Juice is a healthy nutritious daily supplement to help maintain the digestive function.

Shake well before use. Store below 30C until opened. Refrigerate after opening and consume as soon as possible.

Recommended dosage: 60mL to 80mL daily. Product may be taken directly or mixed with juice.

If ever there was a miracle in liquid form this Aloe Vera juice is it. I have seen my wife's health transformed and because of a serious RTA 7 years ago, her body does not make enzymes any more. This product has literally saved her life and now she enjoys radiant health once more. Thank you so much for producing 'Natures own elixir of life' Long may you continue to do so. Thank you so much.

Mr M.Burrows Cheshire

This child does not cease to amaze me. Literally heals overnight! A day after Deana slips & falls, her cut above her eye that I applied Aloe Gel with Manuka Honey to is basically healed. Bump on head goes down in minutes, No bruising. Bit of a sore elbow. Also a month ago, she fumbles & falls, had no shoes on, fractures 2nd 3rd & 4th on her left foot. Dr says "it looks like a trucks run over it" We only knew this cos it was sore to touch & thought to get an x-ray. Didn't complain too much, she's a tough cookie. Got on with her daily activities. Dr said "it could take 6-8 weeks to heal" I don't think so!! We saw Dr 2 weeks later & she walked up to him like nothing was wrong, he smiled & shook his head Dr is amazed & knows all about her Organic Aloe Vera Juice she drinks every day. He says to me "you know what to do, keep doing what you're doing"

K Resul Shepparton

As I suffer from a number of ailments including Psoriatic Arthritis & was taking steroids to relieve me of these ailments, I was eager to try something else. After speaking to a Pro-Ma Systems Distributor, I was full of hope. Within the first couple of months of drinking the Pro-Ma Aloe Vera Juice & taking the Pro-Ma Natural Supplements, I knew I was able to start coming off my steroid medication. I had been taking this medication for 6 years under the guidance of my rheumatologist. Now 4 months later, I am completely off steroids & I no longer suffer from pain or joint stiffness that even the steroids couldn't relieve. I can now enjoy walking around the Lake and keeping up with my granddaughters, when before, I struggled to even do everyday household chores. Over the last couple of months, i've also been able to lose over 13kg & can honestly say that the Pro-Ma Aloe Vera Juice kick started the weight loss.

Andrea K Shepparton

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