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Maximum Drive

Superior additives improving efficiency, performance & engine life


Perfect Innovation

How one powerful formula sparked a global distribution

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Check Your Vitals

Simple steps to efficient vehicle maintenance

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One Shot

Concentrated fuel system service, that works as you drive

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Take Control

Having your own business is possible. It's easier than you think

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New Zealand

Proudly family owned & operated since 1983

Grace Cosmetics is in the process of updating our product packaging and in order to remain as sustainable as possible, you may continue to receive our current packaging. No matter what packaging you receive, you can be confident that all Grace Cosmetics goes through the same rigorous quality testing and meets full quality requirements.

Pro-Ma Systems is proud to be a full member of the Direct Selling Association of New Zealand and is committed to the DSANZ Code of Practice.
The DSANZ is an association of companies who sell products directly to consumers. It supports fair and proper trading practices
and is dedicated to defending and promoting the independent status of Distributors within the industry.

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