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  1. The qualification period for the 2020 International Leadership Summit Program to London is from 1/06/19 to 31/05/20, (twelve months) and is for Directors registered in the Australian, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea Pro-Ma Systems Marketing & Profit Plan.
    Any Director who has never qualified for an International Leadership Summit can add the Travel Credits they accumulate in May, 2019 towards qualifying for the 2020 International Leadership Summit.
  2. The qualification system is based on Travel Credits achieved by Directors in the Marketing & Profit
  3. Plan. Every product is assigned an amount of Travel Credits.
    Note: No Travel Credits are given for Accessories and Sales Aids
  4. Travel Credits earned towards qualification for the 2020 International Leadership Summit Program must be achieved within the Marketing & Profit Plan operating in your country of residence. Should a Director be registered in more than one country, he/she cannot combine Travel Credits. The qualification must be in one country only.
  5. The Marketing Plan points referred to are those achieved in a Director's personal downline organisation. (Includes personal volume and any volume generated by the Director's downline, i.e. Sales Executives, Sales Managers and Sales Associates.)
  6. There are two, (2), separate prize levels within the International Leadership Summit.
    • Level 1 (8,000 Travel Credits) − If a Director qualifies for Level One, he/she will be entitled to attend the International Leadership Summit Program, which includes economy class return airfares to London, from any major capital city in Australia, along with double/twin share accommodation for the duration of the International Leadership Summit in London, organised tours and scheduled meals.
    • Level 2 (15,000 Travel Credits) − Offers the same inclusions as Level One but covers two people.
  7. PLEASE NOTE: Qualifying Directors who reside in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, will be required to depart from Brisbane and, therefore, will be responsible for the cost of travel to and from Brisbane, plus any overnight accommodation required due to flight connections.
  8. To qualify for the above rewards, the following qualification levels must be achieved.
    • Level 1 − To qualify at Level 1, a Director must accumulate at least 8,000 Travel Credits in their country of residence during the qualification period. These Travel Credits must be achieved either personally or through the Director’s personal downline organisation.
    • Level 2 − Requires a Director to accumulate at least 15,000 Travel Credits in their country of residence during the qualification period. These Travel Credits must be achieved either personally or through their personal downline organisation.
    • Pro Rata Incentive − Should a Director, achieve 5,000 Travel Credits within the twelve (12) month qualification period, (1 June 2019 − 31 May 2020), he/she may attend the 2020 International Leadership Summit Program by paying the Pro Rata package price. Please note, the Pro Rata package is based on departures from the main departure point of the company’s chosen airline. This departure point will vary, depending on the destination and airline chosen by the company. For example, when flying to London, the main departure points would most likely be Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, depending on the airline used. Distributors taking advantage of this package, including those from New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, would be responsible for their own travel costs to and from the elected main departure point/s, plus any overnight accommodation required due to flight connections.
  9. The 2020 International Leadership Summit will apply in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea. The Program will start and finish at the same time in each country.
  10. Only Directors and Diamond Directors in the Marketing & Profit Plan are eligible to attend the 2020 International Leadership Summit.
  11. Travel Credits begin to accumulate when a Distributor advances to the position of Sales Manager in the Marketing & Profit Plan. However, as the International Leadership Summit is open only to Directors, any Bonus Travel Credits earned by non-Directors will be banked and credited to their travel account, to be redeemed if they achieve the position of Director within the International Leadership Summit qualifying year, (1 June 2019 − 31 May 2020). If the position of Director is not attained during the qualification period, any points banked during that period will be forfeited.
  12. Any Travel Credits for Level 1 or 2 packages earned in previous programs or this program cannot be carried forward to future International Leadership Summits.
  13. Travel Credits are not transferable, unless written authorization is obtained from Pro-Ma Systems. Travel Credits cannot be exchanged for cash or any other prize to the value of the nominated International Leadership Summit destination.
  14. Travel Credits can be monitored online anytime via 'Distributor Tools'. Simply log in to the Pro-Ma Systems website and click on My Account. Alternatively, a statement will be printed detailing monthly Travel Credits, upon request. Please contact the Distributor Services Department at the Head Office in your respective country for this information.
  15. Should a Distributor fail to qualify for Level 2, provided they have achieved Level 1, the Company will allow the Director to purchase a second 2020 International Leadership Summit Program Package for their spouse/active business partner.
  16. Any Distributor who qualifies for two or more tickets and wishes another person, other than their spouse or partner, to accompany them on the International Leadership Summit, must submit a request to the event coordinator for this to be approved. The attendance of anybody at the International Leadership Summit, other than the distributor, their spouse/active business partner, is solely at the discretion of the company.
  17. Any other costs associated with travel to London will be at the qualifying Distributor’s expense.
  18. Executive Directors having eight, (8), personally sponsored active Directors, will earn 100 Bonus Travel Credits each month when they and all their eight legs qualify for OTB. An additional 50 Bonus Travel Credits will be given to the Executive Director for each additional qualified Director leg.
  19. Distributors can earn Bonus Travel Credits when they achieve any level in the Global Rewards Club. Qualification for these levels is based on the Distributor’s personal sales, as well as that of their personally sponsored downline organisation. For more information on the Global Rewards Club CLICK HERE.
  20. When a new Distributor is sponsored and they advance from the position of Sales Associate to Sales Manager within 90 days from the date of registration, the sponsor will receive 200 Bonus Travel Credits. If the sponsor does not hold the position of Director, these travel credits will be banked for redemption by the sponsor should they attain the position of Director within the International Leadership Summit qualification period i.e. 1 June 2019 – 31 May 2020. If the position of Director is not achieved within the qualification period, these points will be forfeited.
  21. When a non-Director reaches a new level within the Marketing & Profit Plan, the following Bonus Travel Credits are allocated to their account for redemption if they reach Director within that qualifying year.
    • Sales Associate to Sales Manager: 500 Bonus Travel Credits
    • Sales Manager to Sales Executive: 500 Bonus Travel Credits
    • Sales Executive to Director: 500 bonus travel credits
  22. Should a non-Director reach any of the Global Rewards levels in any given month during the qualification period, only the Bonus Travel Credits will be banked to their travel account.
  23. The Company, Pro-Ma Systems, reserves the right to disqualify any Distributor from attending the International Leadership Summit Program should that Distributor be involved in any unethical behaviour or business with conflicting interests to those of Pro-Ma Systems.
  24. Pro-Ma Systems reserves the right to amend the International Leadership Summit Program within the twelve, (12), month qualification period.
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