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MBL 3 Super 3 Stage Action Spray (250ml)

MBL 3 - 3 Stage Action Spray that penetrates, lubricates and plates.

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Product Information

The unique deep penetrating solvent carries MBL 3 Spray’s lubricating and plating action into the most rigid areas. Ideal for rusted nuts and bolts, hinges, exposed roller bearings, exhaust manifold and flange bolts, cables and general lubrication.

This quality product enjoys the same micro-metallic particle features as our MBL 8 and MBL Grease the main difference being that it contains a penetrating solvent and is of a much lighter consistency. The MBL 3 Spray is a multi-stage penetrating lubricating spray.

MBL 3 Spray has 3 distinct functions

  • Penetrates- Upon spraying the area to be treated, the penetrating solvent starts to work its way into the components. This may be rusted nuts and bolts, door hinges, exposed roller bearings, exhaust manifolds and exhaust flange bolts or any surface that requires freeing and lubrication. As the solvent starts to penetrate it also carries with it the micro-metallic particles.
  • Lubricates - As the solvent continues to penetrate and then evaporate, it leaves the lubricating micro-metallic particles. The hotter the area being treated, the quicker the evaporation of solvent. This can be noticed by the smoke coming off the treated surface (as noticed when the spray is demonstrated on the Friction Brake Test Machine). However, if the area is not subjected to heat (such as door hinges), there will be no smoke or initial evaporation.
  • Plates - As the lubricating surfaces are worked, the micro-metallic particles plate the scratches and score marks, gradually filling in the worn areas, providing long lasting lubrication of the surface, as well as leaving residual lubrication.

Every home, workshop, commercial and industrial business, handyman, boat owner, etc., should have this product on hand for all lubricating and penetrating needs.

If you own or manage a commercial or industrial business, you really can't afford not to include MBL 3 Spray to your range of sales products, as it will provide many benefits to all types of consumers.

MBL3 Spray is NOT to be used as a dewatering fluid. By that, we mean it is not to be used to spray your distributor and spark plugs should they become covered in water. It is a lubricating, penetrating spray, not a dewatering fluid.


MBL 3 Spray contains elemental micro-metallic particles, a base mineral oil and a high boiling point hydrocarbon penetrating solvent.


Base carrier : oilEP 90
Micro-metallic particles : 1-10 Microns
Hydrocarbon Solvent - Boiling Point : Above 150˚C(300˚F)
Appearance : Grey Brown
Odour : Metallic Petroleum


MBL 3 Spray contains petroleum oil, hydrocarbon solvent and micro-metallic particles. Do NOT store near heat, sparks or flame. Wash with soap and water after skin contact with product. This product is flammable. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. A Material Safety Data Sheet is available from Pro-Ma Systems.


Do NOT take internally. Harmful or Fatal if swallowed. Contains Micro-metallic particles and hydrocarbons. If swallowed contact a doctor immediately. Wash hands after use.

Medical Advice

Contains petroleum oil, and micro-metallic particles. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call physician immediately.

Sizes Available

250mL and 4Litre containers.

Optional Spray Head can be purchased under Accessories.


I have used MBL3 spray on my skateboard wheel bearings and it has been incredible how much freer and longer it glides for even after getting wet and coated in road grime

greg hurley cairns

Used this on numerous tools, hinges, hole saws, bikes. Outperforms any other lubricant spray

Mark Highbury

Have to agree with Mark. Use on squeaky door hinges, most others noise is back within 3 weeks to 3 months depending on situation.On household internal doors, applied properly, 6-12 months or more. Because it is dark be careful of carpets and paint during application and contain any excess!

Trevor Willmot New Zealand

A couple years ago I let the oil run dry in my lawn mower. The engine seized up. Before I sent it to the scrap metal pile I sprayed some MBL 3 in the spark plug hole and worked the engine free by moving the blade. Mower started up and still using it. Great home product. Re-ordering for the third time.

Robert Vermette Ontario


Walter K Adelaide

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