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Petrol Engines

Have been around since the Model-T Ford.
Now Technology has changed

Petrol engine technology has changed enormously over recent years, causing greater demands on engine components. The consistent application of Pro-Ma Performance Products PT5 Petrol Treatment will guarantee the maximum efficiency, cost effective and trouble free operation of all petrol engines. It also stabilises fuel. You will save money when you use this product.

Petrol engines come in all forms – motor vehicle, 4, 6 and 8 cylinder, as well as outboard motors, motor mowers, line trimmers, chain saw, in 4 stroke, (as in a car engine) and 2 stroke, (as in Outboard Motors, Mowers etc.)

Top Tip: Pro-Ma PT5 Petrol Treatment is particularly beneficial in 2 stroke engines like outboard motors, motor mowers, line trimmers and chainsaws. Using a double dose, (40 ml to 25 litres of 2 stroke fuel), will ensure enormous benefits in efficient and easy operation of all 2 stroke engines, with easier starting and reliable running.

What are the common problems with Petrol Engines?

One of the major problems now emerging is with the use of ethanol petrol fuel. The rated life span of ethanol petrol is 2 to 3 weeks from the time of refining. Ethanol petrol can then go through “phase separation” where ethanol can separate from the fuel mass. Ethanol is corrosive so can cause excessive wear in engine fuel components. Ethanol petrol can also take in moisture from the atmosphere causing a build-up of water in fuel systems. As water does not compress, this can cause problems in the engine fuel injection system. There are strong recommendations from within the industry that ethanol petrol not be used in marine applications.

80% of Engines wear in Petrol Engines is on cold start up.

Inefficient fuel combustion causes carbon build up within the engine. This can cause noisy valve lifters, a general inefficient running engine, fouled up spark plugs and increased fuel consumption.

In 2 stroke engines, (outboard motors, mowers etc), there is a greater tendency for spark plugs to build up excessive carbon, demanding more frequent replacement. Carbon can also build up in the combustion area.

With greater developments in engine technology, many manufacturers are suggesting using a higher priced higher octane fuel, adding to running costs.

When engines are not running efficiently, catalytic converters can “clog” and break down causing expensive repairs.

The Solution, So you can enjoy The Maximim Efficiency with Petrol Engines

The consistent use of the Pro-Ma Performance Products PT5 Petrol Fuel Treatment will address these problems and help to give you trouble free operation of all your petrol engines.

  • The “detergent” component of PT5, complete yet gentle, is designed to clean the entire fuel system and engine progressively of carbon, gums and varnishes and to keep it running clean and far more efficiently.
  • The “surfactant” will control water in fuel systems by breaking down the water into small droplets and encapsulating them in a long chain polymer molecule, enabling it to pass through the system quite harmlessly.
  • The “combustion modifier” will assist in increasing power and allowing the fuel to burn much more efficiently, thus preventing carbon build up. It will also greatly reduce exhaust emissions and fuel consumption, saving you money at the pump.
  • “Top oil lubricant” is a high quality top oil that supplies critical lubrication, particularly at cold start up. This reduces top engine component wear, reduces valve sticking and piston ring wear and will give a smoother, quieter running engine.
  • The “octane enhancer” enhances the burn of the fuel, regardless of the fuel octane rating. In many cases where high octane rated fuel is recommended, consumers can safely use a lower rated octane fuel with PT5 added, saving them high fuel costs, while still ensuring the engine runs at peak efficiency.

Just 20ml to 25 litres of petrol fuel (40ml to 25 litres of 2 stroke fuel). 500ml treats 625 litres of fuel.

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