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To a Glamourous Alpine Retreat, Fit for Royals and Straight out of a Storybook

International border restrictions may have left us with some wanderlust, but one thing is for sure - we’re never going to take travel for granted. In the meantime, we are planning the most extravagant European adventure for our amazing ambassadors. As soon as everything settles down and tourism safely resumes, we’ll be headed to the spectacular Swiss Alps!

Welcome to St Moritz, Switzerland, also known as the ultimate getaway destination for royals and celebrities alike. In winter it’s a ski holiday dream, in summer an alpine adventure playground.


At Home Among The Clouds

You don’t need to be a mountaineer to experience the grandeur of the Swiss Alps. This beautiful quaint town, nestled by the glistening St Moritz Lake, looks out to glorious expanses of snowy slopes. Get cozy by the fire in one of Europe's finest, castle-like hotels and enjoy the view of soaring mountains and sun rays dancing on the lake’s surface.


Wander With Us

A gondola lift takes us to the top of the world. Don’t look down, look up and out - the horizon is simply breathtaking. Back down in the village a romantic carriage ride carts us around the lake, through the Staz forest or around the grand town itself.

We stop at a sun drenched green pasture, perfect for an afternoon hangout. Roll out the picnic rug and pour the hot chocolate, a delectable platter of creamy swiss cheese and mouth watering dry cured meats are ours to savour.



Swiss cuisine is a gourmet paradise to explore. From gooey cheese fondue to hearty braised soups and stews. Buttery, flaky pastries melt in your mouth and local confectioners continue to refine everyone’s guilty pleasure - velvety swiss chocolate. Good food is all the more sweeter when shared.


How Do I Get My Ticket?

As a brand ambassador there are different levels to your membership. Reach Director level and you can start qualifying for your ticket. Collect enough Travel Credits before May 31, 2021 and redeem them for your ticket.




Almost every product is assigned Travel Credits. You can see these next to the ADD TO BAG button on your shopping pages. The more you shop the more Travel Credits you accumulate.


Share your favourite products with others to collect more Travel Credits. When someone makes a purchase on your online store or you introduce them to the brand with a Welcome Pack, you collect the Travel Credits from their purchase. Plus, when you introduce a new brand ambassador and they advance from Sales Associate to Sales Manager in the first three months for their membership, we reward you with a bonus of 200 Travel Credits.


We’re big believers in rewarding hard work, that’s why every month we'll top up your account with Bonus Travel Credits as a thank you for your outstanding effort and influence.

Total monthly travel credits = Bonus Travel Credits

450 = 45
550 = 55
650 = 65
750 = 75
900 = 90
1100 = 110
1300 = 130
1500 = 150
1800 = 180
2000 = 200
2200 = 250
360 = 55
720 = 100
1080 = 150
1800 = 200
2040 = 250
1100 = 110
1300 = 130
1500 = 150
1800 = 180


Almost every product is assigned Move Up Points. Collect enough Move Up Points to advance to the next discount level of your membership. When you advance to a new discount level we reward you with Bonus Travel Credits that are banked for when you hit Director. Once you reach Director, these Bonus Travel Credits will count towards your ticket.

Sales Associate to Sales Manager = 500 Bonus Travel Credits

Sales Manager to Sales Executive = 500 Bonus Travel Credits

Sales Executive to Director = 500 Bonus Travel Credits


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