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Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Pro-Ma Home Products Cost Effective

Pro-Ma Home Products formulas are highly concentrated ordering superior results, value for money and generous savings. Test results prove Pro-Ma Home Products to be extremely cost effective when compared with other household cleaning products.

Are These Products Made in Australia

Pro-Ma Home Products are undeniably Australian. The entire process of initial research, formulation, manufacturing and packaging does not leave Australian shores.

We believe in the high quality standards of Australian Made Products. Pro-Ma Home Products are proudly 100% Australian made by Pro-Ma Systems, an Australian owned and operated company. Every product in our range has been formulated, manufactured, processed and distributed by working Australians. We believe in quality. We believe in Australian products. We believe in providing jobs for Australians.

Are These Products Biodegradable?

All Pro-Ma Home Products products are biodegradable, meaning they decompose into harmless substances.

What Does Enviro-Packaging Mean?

Pro-Ma Home Products packaging is composed of recyclable material and each environmentally responsible Pro-Ma Home Products bottle contains highly concentrated formulas ensuring minimal usage, yet effective performance.

Minimal Inefficient Fillers or Extenders

Pro-Ma Home Products products have minimised the use of fillers and extenders commonly used in household cleaning products to ‘bulk out’ formulas, reducing the active concentration, cheapening the overall formulation cost and decreasing performance.

Are The Products Tested on Animals?

Pro-Ma Home Products are not tested on animals.

Do The Products Have Fragrances?

Pro-Ma Home Products products are formulated with low fragrance levels to minimise the potentially harmful reactions of fragrance to consumers who suffer with asthma, allergies or similar health conditions.

Can These Products Be Used In Septic Systems?

To the best of our knowledge, Pro-Ma Cleaning Products are quite safe in use in a septic system or other domestic wastewater systems as they are all biodegradable. In the many years of experience with these excellent cleaning products, we have never had any problems with septic or other wastewater systems.

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